Do you wonder and long for that place of peace within yourself and your mind. There is such a place, and we return there together in session work. My work combines over four decades of training, and assisting clients with a wide range of circumstances from crisis intervention along a vast range to expanded success. This, combined with my highly refined expertise, intuitive gifts, and the insights and compassion I’ve gained through my own inspirational life journey, create a unique and valuable offering for all who work with me.

The path to navigating a more fulfilling life with awareness, kindness, and wisdom lies in integrating the skills to master our mind, discern and follow our intuition, find the goodness within our self, and attain clarity for conscious choice resulting in new ways of perceiving, self-actuating, and living.  I offer these skills and this movement to my clients through the knowledge of science, modern techniques, and sacred texts.

In my work, I remain deeply tuned in and responsive to each of my client’s unique situations and individual complexity with compassion and refinement.

At the center of my work is skill-building.  One of my primary focuses is the teaching of skills to master our minds.  We cannot do this with attachment to counterproductive habits, and resistance to the present.  In a session, clients begin to experience their peaceful center beyond the static of their mind.  As a result, new receptivity to the field of limitless possibilities and new ways for living differently emerge.

I also teach nervous system regulation, which enables us to remain more calm throughout our day even in very difficult circumstances and potential overwhelm.  I guide my clients to better discern to better identify when it is our intuition speaking versus our thoughts.  This brings much-needed guidance to live on purpose rather than in reaction throughout the day.

I interact with every client with the understanding that often only comes through the experience of significant challenges as I have done.These experiences brought me great suffering and close to death more than once, and each time I arose stronger, residing more fully in the essence of our true nature, with insights and skills that offer a potent depth of compassion and understanding to support my clients through wherever they are on their path.

Beginning when I was a young child, I needed to better understand what was happening in my home. I questioned whether we are doomed to live as the victims of our circumstances, or the master of our minds. My search for purpose led me to the study of many sacred teachings, spiritual paths and faith religions, behavioral psychology texts, historical, modern societal and cultural trends, existentialism, neuroscience, and quantum physics.

In addition to my private practice, I worked for thirty years with agencies counseling and helping the most vulnerable segments of our population to gain the skills to change their life including poverty-level families with young children, individuals profiled as the least rehireable, seniors re-entering the workforce, and in child abuse prevention.  

I am also an extensively trained and experienced Conflict Resolution Mediator, and was one of the most active mediators in Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley for a period years. I successfully facilitated mediations to a peaceful agreement with individuals, businesses, as well as in the court systems.

These years were tremendously valuable in my ability to respond to crises and countless other life experiences.  My professional and personal experiences expanded my heart with tremendous empathy, and insightful skill.

Years later I can see how my unconventional life, with my many studies and the adversities that I have faced, countless clients with a wide range of needs, all have contributed to my ability to help others better navigate their lives and understand themselves.

My approach to supporting and counseling women and their path to self-actualization is well known. In 2018 in Ashland, Oregon I founded and continue to direct the 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization Keeping All Women Safe (K.A.W.S.).  K.A.W.S. works for increased awareness and safety for women and girls regionally wherever I reside, and worldwide, with events, information, and in collaboration with other organizations. For more information, please see

I have seen clients via live video very successfully for over forty years around the globe, and currently in specific Southern Oregon's Ashland, Medford, and throughout the Rogue Valley, in Grants Pass, and the coastal town of Bandon. Watch for possible workshops held in person in several regions, and feel free to contact me about arranging in-person work in your area.

My Present Affiliations

  • Founder and Executive Director: Keeping All Women Safe, K.A.W.S. 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization.
  • Member: International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists.
  • International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, ICBCH.
  • Member: BNI: Business Networking International.
  • Member: Polka Dot Powerhouse, National Women's Organization.
  • Member: Soroptimist, National Women's Organization.
  • Member: Copa Wealth Strategies, Oregon Licensed Life Insurance Agent.
  • Member: International Association of Professional Writers and Editors, IAPWE.

*Note:  I work within the scope of my practice.  Most states in the USA do not require licensing for my work.  I am not a licensed mental health counselor and I do not diagnose or treat mental health conditions. I am certified in my areas of expertise. There are times when it may be more appropriate for me to refer potential clients to appropriate licensed mental health professionals, and in those cases, I do. 

Learn to Live With the Lights On

"I'm not pointing out how you use your mind.  I'm pointing out how your mind uses you."
~ Adyashanti.