Can I see you in-person, and from a distance?

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Clients have a choice of scheduling in-office depending on my travels and location at the time, or held as effectively by live video worldwide. In addition, Peak Performance clients have the option of on-site sessions after the initial three-session series. Virtual sessions have the added benefit of adding an extra degree of privacy and most privately and continuity of work due to the ability to conduct our meetings from your own home or chosen location.

All options have been highly successful for my clients.

I have seen clients in England, Spain in Europe, and across the United States for many years.  Also clients have traveled extensively to see me in-person, when possible.

As a Christian, is Hypnosis as Hypnotherapy right for me?

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“The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21, The Holy Bible)  With Hypnotherapy, I enable my clients to tune into the most sacred aspect of our existence, known by many names: Our Source, Holy Spirit, God, Spirit, Universe, Creator, and Energy.  This is where all peace, wisdom, guidance and direction exist. It is in this stillness, this home base, that clients are most receptive to be able to access their clarity, integrate emotions, and release counter-productive habits and patterns that you desire to change.  

It is within this center of our being that our brain waves naturally shift to the Theta state, as in deep meditation and prayer.

Hypnotherapy can help individuals experience their ability to transform their patterns and lives into healthy, empowered, caring, and generous stewards of their faith by realizing their full potential. This is an essential aspect of understanding the divine nature of our being, as instructed in the Holy Bible:  “The things that I do, shall you do also. And greater works than these shall you do.”  (John 14:12, The Holy Bible.)

It is always the client’s requests and desires for change that are the focus of all sessions, never the will of myself as the facilitator.  You can see how my clients share this safe experience in the testimonials section.

Will I lose control with Hypnosis?

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No. Hypnosis is actually a way to gain back control, and one does not need to be in a trance or even relaxed state to accomplish it. There is waking hypnosis, and we all experience this every day in our regular routine of life.

Importantly: Numerous major hypnosis researchers have stated that the vast majority of hypnotic procedures can be accurately defined as self- hypnosis. Evidence shows that subjects retain the ability to control their behavior during hypnosis, to refuse to respond to suggestions, and even to oppose suggestions. The individual is ultimately in control of how suggestions affect and influence their mental state. (Barber, 1985; Orne and McConkey, 1981; Sanders, 1991). (Lynn, Rhue and Weekes (1990).   In hypnotherapy sessions, clients can move, talk, walk, and adjust themselves to be comfortable. It is your own words and requests that are the basis for your hypnotherapy session. You are in full control.  You gain back the control that you have lost in the trance of ordinary life.

The American Medical Association (AMA) approved the use of hypnosis as an appropriate therapeutic technique in 1958 and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) endorsed hypnosis seven years earlier, in 1951. Over the last 60+ years, the health and wellness fields have incorporated hypnosis as a highly successful adjunct tool for providing therapeutic support in many different areas.

Hypnosis as Hypnotherapy helps us go beyond the chaos of our mind through the naturally designed shift in brainwave to better understand layers of our behavior, relationships, and minds so we can transform unhealthy and counterproductive patterns. As a result we are better able to be more loving and compassionate with others, and ourselves - a held standard that is fully consistent with all religious and faith-based teachings.

Why Is Hypnosis as Hypnotherapy Very Valuable For Change?

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Significant and lasting change occurs when we enter the space between the chaos of the mind and these subconscious patterns, become fully present in your body - observant and aware of the programs and thoughts. Then once a shift in brain wave occurs to theta state, the same state as in deep prayer, meditation, and the use of creative intentional imagination, we create new patterns and behaviors, clarity to form new perceptions, integrate and heal emotional reactions to our history and our present, and transform the fear of what may come into empowerment. We are designed to excel in our lives, to utilize the full potential of our brain, and create a life that is good to others and ourselves.

It is the function of a change of brain wave and the creation of new neutral imprints that creates the lasting change we need and desire. With the combination of expertise that I hold, true and lasting change occurs, facilitated in a way by me that is completely safe, scientifically proven, and respected.

The use of active and creative imagination, conscious dreaming, intentional creative imagery and symbolism creates new neurons to spark and to imprint new neural pathways for needed and desired change. This is where lasting change occurs.

The truth is that people enter trance states in everyday life when driving, watching a movie, people pay large amounts of money to develop marketing techniques that entice people into trance states for their purchases. We like to believe our choices are freely made, when actually they are the product of society, and other programmed states that impose self-limitation.

We become programmed to believe in what we cannot do rather than holding a strong belief in the unlimited possibilities that exist for us.

Do You See Children, Women and Men? The elderly?

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Yes, I work with children from age five and up, both women and men of all religions, faiths, spiritual paths, and also those with no spiritual orientation. I have held sessions in assisted living homes, hospitals, golf courses, as well as facilitated group sessions and staff workshops at businesses. Many parents come to me seeking the change they need, and becoming extremely impressed with the results, then bring their children to me for sessions. Similarly, health professionals often send their patients to me, and then seeing their success refer themselves. I have worked with all segments of the population to help facilitate positive transformation in their lives, including many years of experience with social service agencies to help segments of the population most impacted by severe difficulties, trauma, and tragedy.

Importantly, this work is a partnership. We work together for the attainment of goals and changes you desire to create.

Can you help me with all areas of my life?

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I am here for you, to support you exactly where you are in your life, in a vast range of circumstances and chosen goals.  We will work together for you to navigate very serious life circumstances and health challenges, as well as those steps needed to achieve your extra 10% of excellence. There are times, depending on special circumstances, I may refer a potential client to a licensed mental health counselor, or other health professional for us to work cooperatively together, or for them to work exclusively.

What’s the Bottom Line?

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Working with me is deeply transformative and powerful. It is safe for children and adults, for those of all faiths and religions, scientifically based, and facilitated by me with skill, compassion, and expertise that has been formed for over forty years of comprehensive training and experience.  As shared in the testimonials and reviews, the relationship that we form in this work is a very caring and trusting one.  The skills that are taught and the experience gained are potent. Taking back one’s control is empowering. As with all things, patience is a valuable practice in life and in our work together in allowing the journey to unfold.

My clients are motivated and dedicated to their own well-being and success, and we partner to bring about relatable and evident change. Through our work together you develop healthier patterns, connect with your most clear, healthy, empowered selves, and begin achieving your full potential.

“We are all alchemists transmuting pain into aliveness…..”

— Rashani Rea

Access The Full Power Of Your Mind.

Accessing the full power of your mind is like turning on the lights of a dark room, and finding that you hold unlimited possibilities. Much is revealed, you have clear direction and regain control, with valuable skills for a lifetime.