Step 1: Schedule your free consultation call with me before scheduling your sessions or making a payment.

The free phone consultation is your Step One. We'll talk about your needs, I'll answer your questions and share how we can work together most effectively for your success.

Following the initial free Telephone Consultation, please choose your Intake Session, make your payment, and schedule.  

(There is an additional minimal surcharge for in-office sessions.)
Sessions are held very successfully and privately via live video zoom.  If there are extenuating circumstances regarding virtual sessions, please inquire directly with me during your phone consultation about in-office sessions in Ashland, Oregon, which are scheduled directly with me rather than on this website.

On-site sports, performance, and pre-/post surgery sessions will include a surcharge per session that includes travel and gasoline expense.

Sessions in Grants Pass and Bandon, Oregon may be scheduled on specific dates of the year, as posted here or advertised.

The initial free consultation call is by phone only.

All session confirmations will include a live video zoom link. Please disregard this if you have scheduled your session for in-office.

Also, personalized Mp3 audio recordings may be requested for an additional charge at key points in the session process at my discretion, or upon completion.

Want to form your own group with your friends or business associates?  Use the contact form here to schedule a phone conversation about specifics.

Please Note: There may be cases where scheduled in-office sessions will be held as live video sessions at my discretion due to weather or another unforeseeable circumstance.

If you are experiencing financial hardship ask about the sliding scale fees; at times during the year, one client per quarter may receive special fees for a predetermined period.

Please print and complete these two forms:  Intake and Client Agreement, then return them by email at least 24 hours prior to your Intake Session. Thank you.


Learn to Live With the Lights On

"I'm not pointing out how you use your mind.  I'm pointing out how your mind uses you."
~ Adyashanti.