Mastery of your mental game will enable you to achieve your goals as your mindset opens to the truth that all things are possible. Sacred wisdom texts, as well as modern neuroscience and quantum physics teach us this. Our brain is designed with abilities beyond our self-imposed limited belief systems, and when accepted the ability to form a union with the body goes beyond such former beliefs.  I have experienced this truth in my own life, and in sessions teach you how to initiate this state of optimized performance in association with your chosen field of interest and sport.

For example, in my work with clients interested in improving their golf game, just the sight of a golf club, the thought of the driving range, or the smell of the course will activate a newly imprinted neural pathway through the use of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP.)  In conjunction with Self-Hypnosis, great things can occur.  Many professional athletic coaches and trainers recognize this fact and have included this in their programs with their championship players.  

My success in working with clients and Peak Performance is recognized by the Professional Golf Association (PGA) and refer clients for specific obstacles and further refinement of their game.  They have noted significant improvement in both golfers’ mental and physical game, as well as an improvement in their overall well-being.

The powerful difference that you will experience in your performance when working with me is the result of my unique interweaving of Neurolinguistic Programming, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Intentional Conscious Dreaming or Hypnotherapy, and when interested, learning Self-Hypnosis.

Performance Enthusiasts Welcomed

I work with clients who are passionate about their performance and who recognize that their over-thinking, emotional reactions, and self-imposed limitations take form as habits and impact their performance, producing the exact opposite of what they desire.

As a former golfer, horseback rider, tennis player, and current swimmer, hiker, public speaker, and kayaker, I understand the challenges of desiring to excel mentally and physically. I help clients who are focused on a special sport, skill, or activity become one with the game in a way that they never expected, and to reach their full potential.

Value Gained

Whether in my office, virtually, or on-site, clients gain feelings of being energized, optimistic, alert, focused, and self-confident, developing a greater level of fluid effectiveness.  Beyond the chaos of our thoughts is a field of unlimited possibilities. In our work together, you learn how to access these unlimited possibilities successfully and repeatedly.

With commitment, this work can help you to execute your skills to your fullest potential. You will reframe your approach, maintaining a more effective mindset, and reaching a more enjoyable and successful outcome.  You will also improve your relationship to your sport, activity, or field, and with these new skills and enhanced practice, you can achieve your goals.

Learn to Live With the Lights On

"I'm not pointing out how you use your mind.  I'm pointing out how your mind uses you."
~ Adyashanti.