It's All A Mental Game

Mastery of your mental game will enable you to achieve your goals as your mindset opens to the truth that all things are possible. Sacred wisdom texts, as well as modern neuroscience and quantum physics teach us this. Our brain is designed with abilities beyond our self-imposed limited belief systems, and when accepted the ability to form a union with the body goes beyond such former beliefs.  I have experienced this truth in my own life, and in sessions teach you how to initiate this state of optimized performance in association with your chosen field of interest and sport.

For example, in my work with clients interested in improving their golf game, just the sight of a golf club, the thought of the driving range, or the smell of the course will activate a newly imprinted neural pathway through the use of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP.)  In conjunction with Self-Hypnosis, great things can occur.  Many professional athletic coaches and trainers recognize this fact and have included this in their programs with their championship players.  

PGA Trainers Recognize the Benefits of Hypnosis and NLP

My success in working with clients and Peak Performance is recognized by the Professional Golf Association (PGA) and refer clients for specific obstacles and further refinement of their game.  They have noted significant improvement in both golfers’ mental and physical game, as well as an improvement in their overall well-being.

The powerful difference that you will experience in your performance when working with me is the result of my unique interweaving of Neurolinguistic Programming, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Intentional Conscious Dreaming or Hypnotherapy, and when interested, learning Self-Hypnosis.

Welcome Performance Enthusiasts

I work with clients who are passionate about their performance and who recognize that their over-thinking, emotional reactions, and self-imposed limitations take form as habits and impact their performance, producing the exact opposite of what they desire.

As a former golfer, horseback rider, tennis player, and current swimmer, hiker, public speaker, and kayaker, I understand the challenges of desiring to excel mentally and physically.

I help clients who are focused on a special sport, skill, or activity become one with the game in a way that they never expected, and to reach their full potential.

Value Gained

Whether in my office, virtually, or on-site, clients gain feelings of being energized, optimistic, alert, focused, and self-confident, developing a greater level of fluid effectiveness.  Beyond the chaos of our thoughts is a field of unlimited possibilities. In our work together, you learn how to access these unlimited possibilities successfully and repeatedly.

With commitment, this work can help you to execute your skills to your fullest potential. You will reframe your approach, maintaining a more effective mindset, and reaching a more enjoyable and successful outcome.  You will also improve your relationship to your sport, activity, or field, and with these new skills and enhanced practice, you can achieve your goals. When you read the recommendation below, you'll realize that so much more is possible for you.

Google Reviews

Alaya is so knowledgeable and capable. My sessions with her have had an immeasurable positive impact on my daily life and relationships. I love that she takes a whole person approach along with having a variety of skills and tools to support me. The skills I have learned I can use independently and can continue to build. I feel like I have a new friend in my corner!

Niki Kuykendall

If I could rate Alaya and her incredibly powerful and empowering talent higher than 5 stars, I absolutely would. I met with her both in person, on the phone, and online for less than 10 sessions and I was enlightened and transformed. I'd spent many of my 40 years with a fear that I could hardly speak about. It was irrational and embarrassing. But Alaya helped me to speak about my fear and give myself the power that I had been giving it for far too long. Because of this, I am able to pursue my new career with a strong and legitimate confidence. I recommend anyone who seeks gentle and empowered change to meet with Alaya to make a plan for your future.

- Erica Hardin, Missoula, Montana

"I had been a smoker for 23 years. After ONE session with Alaya, I was no longer a smoker, and I'm still not. I do not desire, crave, or even think about cigarettes. I decided to continue our sessions and work on other things that have challenged me in life. Not only has Alaya helped through hypnotherapy, she has counseled me in general. I have made better decisions with her help and have been able to manage a lot of difficulties in my life. I'm so grateful for Alaya. I wish I could give her 10 stars!"

- Erica Larkins

"I really feel like it was meant to be for me to connect with Alaya. Circumstances brought me to her and then I had to put meeting with her on hold. But later something drew me back to get in touch with her. I am so glad I did. It was at such a difficult time and I really needed the encouragement to rise up from the situation I was in. She gave me support and tools to use and today I have met Many of my goals! She is an amazing counselor, woman, human."

- Brier Wood

"We love the success she brings to our clients. Those who ARE ready, you will see an impressive transformation!"

- North Idaho Total Wellness, Idaho

"Alaya was wonderful to work with, very detail-oriented, and passionate about what she does. She cares very much about her clients and their right to privacy. Her knowledge and skill rivals all and I believe she would be a great fit for anyone looking for a positive change in their life."

- Rusty Mikesell

"You’re a Miracle Worker! I really enjoyed the flight. I was able to connect in with people that love to fly and it was awesome. Reminded me of when I was a teenager and did love flying. Have you thought of teaching Hypnotherapy? You would be really good."

- Lisa Gyles Nystadt, Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist Talent, Oregon

"This is Patti, Luke’s wife. I want to share how much I truly appreciate the help Luke has gotten from meeting with you. You are a Blessing, not just to Luke but our whole family. We have had so much going on and change, and losing him is not an option. Our kids will be moving, having bedrooms, leaving the only school and friends they have had, so for him to have continued support will help them also. Thank You! From my heart for all you have done, may God Bless you ♡"

- Patti Pierce, Rogue River, Oregon

"I am so happy in my decision to see Alaya. I did a lot of research before choosing a hypnotherapist, and Alaya far and away seemed the most qualified of the many I investigated. ... Now, knowing Alaya for the wonderful, supportive person she is and what hypnotherapy can do. I had been struggling for several years with weight gain. ...I turned to Alaya in hopes that she could help me focus on the things I knew I needed to be doing for my health. She quickly made me feel comfortable, and confident in my choice to come and see her. She spent a lot of time getting to know me and my goals, and I felt no judgement from her of my situation. ...After my very first session, I felt more clear and ready to achieve success in weight loss. The pounds have quickly begun to come off. ... Through hypnosis, she has helped reinforce positive feelings of achievement and curb negative habits. I always leave feeling refreshed, energized and ready to take on new challenges to come. Seeing Alaya really helps me feel focused and just good about life. I’m so glad I took the leap of faith. I would encourage anyone struggling with weight loss, or any other issue to talk to Alaya. She will be very honest with you, and will help you in every way."

- Erin Englehart, Medford, Oregon

"I feel really lucky that I’ve found Alaya. She is an amazing person and gifted therapist. She listens and gives me mindful advice and her soothing voice always takes me to a peaceful place. She gave me courage and strength to challenge my fertility issue. After a series of sessions, I was pregnant and gave birth to my precious son. I am not good at writing and I wish I could express my feelings better, because I want everybody to know how special you are to me, Alaya. I can’t give enough thanks to Alaya. She helped my dream come true, and I will continue seeing her."

- Sayaka, Grants Pass, Oregon

"I feel so fortunate to have found Alaya. I was really struggling with my healing journey from toxic mold and was starting to spiral into hopelessness when I found her. My mind was scattered, my emotions a roller coaster, I was constantly judging myself and I was having so much head and body pain. I felt like a mess and was getting lost in my symptoms. After the very first session I can honestly say something just clicked into place and I had an immediate feeling of peace and calm. Suddenly my health situation didn't seem so dire and I had a restored faith in my body's own strength. Every session afterwards was just as wonderful. She gave me incredible tools to use everyday and shared her wisdom and insights which have helped me believe in myself again. From the very first moment I felt so at ease with her and felt safe and comfortable to be my authentic self. My stalled healing is back on track and I can feel myself improving everyday! I will absolutely see her again when needed. She is a gem in the Rogue Valley and we are so fortunate to have her!"

- Leah Gulyas, Medford, Oregon

Hear it from happy clients

Golfers and Coaching Pro's: "I have collaborated with Alaya in my professional coaching by referring clients for her help in the mental aspect of their golf game. Her extensive expertise in multiple branches of Hypnosis and Neuroscience adds a valuable element to lasting change in client's games. One client noted that he had the best round of his entire year after Alaya and I both worked with him. Her skills are a valuable asset."

R. Bruce Wilkins, PGA Teaching Professional
Hear from clients
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Access The Full Power Of Your Mind.

Accessing the full power of your mind is like turning on the lights of a dark room, and finding that you hold unlimited possibilities. Much is revealed, you have clear direction and regain control, with valuable skills for a lifetime.