When a Woman has experienced a challenging and traumatizing pregnancy, there is often fear to conceive again, to believe in a wonderful pregnancy, and  healthy birthing process. Extensive evidence suggests that many Women have suffered as a result of birthing practices that were unnatural and traumatic. Hypnotherapy is very effective in all phases of birth from conception, pregnancy, to postpartum recovery. Bringing a healthy and happy baby into the world is a sacred and fulfilling experience for parents and the child.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be a very successful approach for Women to increase self-assurance, learn how to relax deeply, send healing energy and love to their body systems that need reinforcement, and to their womb to provide a strong and safe space for their baby.  Clients communicate with their babies, and are reinforced in healthy choices of food and exercise, deep sleep is enhanced. They are taught skills to address discomforts, as well as complimenting the success of any medical needs at the time.

Clients learn how to intentionally direct and manage their nervous system, which influences all systems in the body. They learn how to remain increasingly calm, and maintain strength.  

Hypnotherapy is valuable in creating deep awareness and instinctual trust within the birthing experience, and is empowering and liberating for the Mother. Obtaining skills that will serve the Mother and child for a lifetime, partners learn how to remove the fear/tension/pain syndrome, tune into how the mother’s body is designed to work in neuromuscular harmony with nature, and has also been shown at times to assist in turning breech and posterior positioned babies.

Extensive evidence connects the birth experience with the emotional and mental health of children and adults. This points to the extreme importance of a peaceful and confident pregnancy, and assured birthing process. Hypnotherapy and learning self-hypnosis is very valuable for this process. From a client:

"I feel really lucky that I’ve found Alaya. She is an amazing person and gifted therapist. She gave me courage and strength to challenge my fertility issue. After a series of sessions, I was pregnant and gave birth to my precious son. She helped my dream come true."

Access The Full Power Of Your Mind.

Accessing the full power of your mind is like turning on the lights of a dark room, and finding that you hold unlimited possibilities. Much is revealed, you have clear direction and regain control, with valuable skills for a lifetime.