"I'm so glad I found Alaya and was able to fulfill my dream."

There are children that I see while walking in beautiful Lithia Park where I live. These parents came to see me longing for a solution to their infertility condition, and found clarity, safely processed childhood and adult trauma, and often paved the way for their miraculous conception and birth.  Helping to bring health, happiness and the wonderful child people long for and love can still be a true possibiltiy with successful outcomes.

I've worked extensively with women and couples who have tried every other method possible to conceive and not succeeded.  Clients have travelled distances to see me, because of my training and certification through the acclaimed HypnoBirthing HypnoFertility program combined with my extensive experience. I gently and intuitively trace the subconscious conflicts, thought patterns, and circumstantial issues that are most significant for clearing the pathways to the perfect plan and timing for conception and birth of a joyous, healthy baby. Through hypnosis, the mind is used as a natural fertility method and while there are no guarantees, if there are subconscious blocks that become clear to me while working with a client we can often clear them effectively.

Many women are being diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” characterized by a lack of physical reasons for being unable to conceive. Expensive medical procedures like IVF are often limited or not covered at all by insurance, and can add to the anguish of desiring a conception that has not yet occurred. Women who have difficulty conceiving suffer as much anxiety and depression as women with heart disease or cancer according to a Newsweek study, and an estimated 40 percent of these women are anxious or depressed. In one recent trial, high-tech fertility procedures were 93 percent less effective in highly distressed women than in those reporting less emotional upset.

HypnoFertility Therapy is a choice to give oneself an intentional conception filled with wellbeing. It is becoming one of the most sought after approaches in fertility today. Stress and trauma have been proven to hamper fertility, and relieving stress can help improve your chances of conceiving. The subconscious mind may be giving conflicts signals to the body when it comes to conceiving, and clarity that may arise can be significant in this process.

I work with the many layers and complexities that create the uniqueness of each client.  Sometimes, as in the case of one particular client, infertiiity is healed in reframing and clearing the relational difficulties with parents.  This is done with specific noninvasive trauma specific modalities such as brain spotting, regression, timeline therapy, and more.  Once the relational grief was cleared with this client's parent, she returned to her state and became pregnant soon thereafter.  

Sometimes it is a clarity that a client finds in session work that it is not the right time for her or them as a couple, that the compromise or sacrifice is not in right timing with the circumstances, and this realization can be a great healing in itself.

Hypnosis is a safe and powerful method that is being pronounced as effective by scientific data. Recent studies published in “The Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association” and the journal “Fertility and Sterility” indicate that women with difficulty conceiving who use hypnosis techniques have a 42-55% conception rate as compared with 20% with IVF alone. In another clinical trial, pregnancy and delivery rates were nearly three times higher among the women who got the additional support. More than just visualization, this is a powerful precise program that supports the entire fertility process for optimal results.

Since our own perceptions of life alter our biology, our genes, and our preconception, hypnotherapy can transform the fear and frustration many clients feel, providing them with tools to achieve the relaxation and clarity of life purpose that are necessary to maximize the success of adjunct treatments, and to establish a peaceful and positive pregnancy.

Access The Full Power Of Your Mind.

Accessing the full power of your mind is like turning on the lights of a dark room, and finding that you hold unlimited possibilities. Much is revealed, you have clear direction and regain control, with valuable skills for a lifetime.