Original Publish Date: November 22, 2020

A Lesson on Patience and Perspective. I was looking for a particular sweater.  I had moved them and all my coats when a refrigerator was delivered and moved into the laundry room where they hang.  But it wasn't there.  I knew I had just seen it.  Not upstairs on my clothes rod.  Not in the bathroom, or the car, or even under my bed.  Searching... searching and even considering buying another one in haste.

Then this morning as I sat on the edge of my bed arising, looking straight ahead ~ I see the sweater's arm on the clothes rod about four feet away tightly tucked between dresses.

I have to laugh, because over and over again life shares her lessons of perspective and patience with me.  I used to do very complex mazes 40 years ago, people were amazed at their size and intricacy and I loved them, but I had to step back to see the next pathway when I became too involved.  And 30 years ago as a drafting student when I struggled with a design, I would step away in frustration.  

After awhile as I approached the hallway to enter the room again, the design appeared so clearly from a distance on my board.  It actually stood out as though a spotlight was shining on it.  

My practice of mind mastery does this for me, observing the thoughts as subtitles on a screen with a healthy distance and thereby not becoming absorbed in them.  Allowing them to arise, abide, and pass away as all things in this universe do.  This practice has allowed me to not be driven and absorbed by the trillion thoughts that arise every day.  It has literally saved my life.  

And now, my sweater, appearing after all the searching and suddenly ~ there's the arm slightly visible amongst all the other clothes on each side - my eyes like a spotlight on it.  I didn't find it with all my effort ~ it appeared when I ceased to effort, became patient, and gained perspective.

My teacher David used to shake his head and chuckle as he said to me: "Alaya all that effort is not going to get you where you want to be."  I was impulsive, frustrated, demanding life give me what I wanted immediately, and spinning from trauma.  It's different now.  I feel David would see me as a very different being at this point, well practiced, more skillful, no perfection to attain of course, but matured in ways that are important.  Oh how I wish we could take another walk in the park and talk now, though he has passed.  

I teach these skills, and love that in simple non-harmful ways I am shown their integrity again and again.  It's not just a sweater.

It's the Wisdom that is held in every breath, every moment, crying from the streets, and the answer to every whisper in one's Heart.  

Thank you Life for reminding me of Patience and the uselessness of futile effort.  Thank you for being my Beloved friend.

Alaya Ketani CHT CFT CPC40+ years Expertise with multiple advanced modalities. I serve because I care.  Ashland, Grants Pass and Oregon Coast Offices. Also, Founder/Exec. Director of Keeping Ashland And All Women Safe Task Force, K.A.W.S.A 501C3 Registered Nonprofit Organization

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