Original Publish Date: September 14, 2018

I have held a passion for helping Women to unite since I was very young.  As a little girl running to protect my Mother from my Father, I formed a strong protectiveness for Women, desire for Women to unify and to be allies in the fight for safety, equality and empowerment.  As a career Social Worker with agencies and in private practice, I have worked with countless Women who have been disempowered by abuse and relationship dynamics and life experiences. Often these are very intelligent Women, successful in business although plagued in other aspects of their life.

In December of 2017, I created a task force to address the Violence Against Women in Ashland.  Since founding this task force, I have heard from many Women of the harassment and violence they are experiencing.  The Women in this microcosm are suffering the experience of sexual assault, harassment, predatory behaviors, date rape, bar drugging and more.  I am working closely with the local police chief and lieutenant, learning alot, echoing their encouragement to Women to report any behaviors that cause them discomfort or fear.  We are collaborating on media statements, surveys and other projects to help ensure Women's safety and to create a message loud an clear that violence against Women will not be tolerated in this city.

The task force is holding a third event next week on September 20th.  It is a town hall community discussion on the various aspects of this complex issue of violence against Women in a  balanced form for both Women and Men to speak and be heard.  We will also ask the significant question:  What is our individual and community responsibility toward one another's safety?  

While this work is deeply meaningful for me, it also brings sadness.  How is it that Women are used as weapons of war, do not have equal pay for equal jobs, are suffering violence in so many forms including predatory behaviors. When will the collective influence of Women bring us to truly unify in solidarity to create the changes needed in this world of chaos and confusion?  

I find the key to retaining my Peace and Well being in the midst of such intense work is lots of time in nature, in solitude, with the campfire under the trees and stars.  The calmness and good energy this brings is more valuable than the most expensive diamonds.  Everyone needs to renew, recharge and reset to remain healthy.  For me being a strong supporter of helping Women internationally, and Men, this is especially significant.

I offer special sliding scale rates to Women who have been disempowered and are dedicated to creating a life that uses all their experiences in the creation of a new beginning, a beginning that heals the past, adds new skills and forms a life that is a Masterpiece.  

Keeping Ashland Women Safe Task Force welcomes participation, collaboration, ideas and tax deductible donations. We Need You to End This Violence Now.   If you're in the Rogue Valley, attend this next very important meeting:  September 20th, 6:30~9:00pm, Love Revolution, 383 N. Main Street, Ashland, OR.  

Here's the link to a podcast interview that I did just last week on the topic of violence against Women and the fight to keep Women safe and honored.  Listen in.  Join Us in this very worthy cause.  Be sure and contact me if you're ready to partner together as my client and create  your new beginning as your most empowered brilliant self.


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