What do golfers know that everyone should realize?  It's a mental game.  Tiger Woods’ domination of modern golf revealed a potent demonstration to the total body-mind approach to athletic training. National Basketball Association Coach Phil Jackson is known for crediting his many successes with the L.A. Lakers to teaching the practice of self-hypnosis and visualization to his team. Retired golf champion Ben Hogan is quoted as saying that “Golf is 20% technique and 80% mental,” while Jack Nicklaus has stated that he believes golf to be 90% mental preparation and only 10% skill.  

Whether it is tennis, golf, boxing, baseball or other activities, many sports people utilize Hypnosis, NLP, and Peak Experience Coaching to achieve high levels of success as a professional, amateur, or recreational athlete regardless of age, skill level, or sport. Training the inner mind is a powerful tool to improve scores, sharpen mental and physical acuity, and maximizing the entire experience of sports, public speaking, stage acting, sales, and grades.

Hypnosis is successful in building confidence, focus, transforming negative associations and emotional blocks, mastering anxiety and enlisting all of the senses, feelings and positive thoughts to be enhanced and put into action.  It’s called Success, and you can experience it. Session work with me offers you the skills and the real time experience through Neuroscience, NLP, and Hypnosis.  Book your free consult. Now is the TIme for your Success!

Access The Full Power Of Your Mind.

Accessing the full power of your mind is like turning on the lights of a dark room, and finding that you hold unlimited possibilities. Much is revealed, you have clear direction and regain control, with valuable skills for a lifetime.