Let's be truthful when we share with each other about how challenging it can be in this world to live through an open and caring Heart.  It can be really tough. All the way into my fifties, people would tell me that I was so idealistic, trusting, and open.  They told me I needed tighter boundaries and to stop being so truthful and earnest with people or this world would eat me alive.  Here I am having lived at least a decade longer, and I find that this world can make one feel bitter and hard hearted.  I make it a daily practice to tune into my Heart and see if I've been soft and tender, with compassion.  I know I feel it.  I know I am it. But do I live it?  Because I  see clients with a challenge... that's why they've come to me.... I have the opportunity, more- the Gift - to purposefully break open my Heart day after day so that it is gentle with lovingkindness.  And this is the Gift, because it feels so beautiful to me and transforms the relationships that I form with my clients and everyone.  Tenderheartedness is my true friend.

Learn to Live With the Lights On

"I'm not pointing out how you use your mind.  I'm pointing out how your mind uses you."
~ Adyashanti.