Imposter Syndrome

Have you heard the term "Imposter Syndrome?"  

Externally do you represent yourself one way while feeling like a phony or fraud on the inside?  

Do you tend to devalue others in order to bring attention and emphasize your own value?

Are you often feel fear, shame, doubt, and anxiousness to be your genuine self professionally and/or personally?

Self Confidence and Self Love

True self-confidence comes from knowing the truth of who and what you are as a unique Soul with gifts, talents, skills, and traits that make you - your own important part of planet earth.  Trying to "fit in" will only bring more doubt and fear, because we're not meant to fit in.  We are meant to genuinely express yourself in our authenticity.  

For most of us this takes practice, deep insight, and length of time, to better understand who we are and how to express yourself genuinely, because we're programmed to fit in, judged, and shamed for standing out.  We are traumatized, and our thoughts, beliefs, and choices are driven by unconscious drivers  However that's not the form of adjustment and refinement that we need in order to offer our gifts and our special self to this world.  

With compassion for our self, we can lean into where our natural attractions are leading toward healthy avenues.  We can feel who hold the value that we share and that are essential for us.  Over time, these values may change priority in our life, as we learn to navigate life more skillfully.  We can be respectful of others while still not complying with everything that others want of us, learning to engage with boundaries for the behaviors, friends, and environments that are right for us.

The Truth of Who and What We Are
We are powerfully advanced life forms experimenting with this human life, and our capacity to continue to adjust, grow, and change is continual.  We are designed in constant movement and change.

We are Unlimited. All is Possible!

We are Amazing!  

There are aspects to ourselves, experiences, hurts, traumas that keep us from believing in our exquisiteness. Yet we remain exquisite even when not in our own eyes. Truthfully, We Are Beautiful.

Then the moment comes when we realize and understand the beauty of our creation, and we begin to bloom at an accelerated pace.  We now know and love ourself, and can offer this to others in a magnified way.  Living life in color rather than in black and white.  

Even when we are experiencing fear and doubt, if we truly know that all things in life are in movement, in change, are temporary, ​and that we are actually an integral part of this entire radiant universe, we will continue to grow into our true and authentic self.  

Transforming Fear and Doubt into Confidence and Peace with Hypnotherapy

When working with the subconscious, we learn to reframe experiences that have hurt us with wisdom. We find clarity and the ability to access different perceptions. We relocate to the place of Peace without ourself wherein we know that we are now safe. And Beautiful. It's like being in a room with the lights on instead of stumbling in a dark space and seeing ghosts and hearing lies about ourself. We can lovingly bring healing to ourselves at any stage of life, now. We can find our direction, the way that feels right for us. We can start again and again, within each moment, building confidence each step. We are never alone.  There are many who are walking their path as well, learning as they go, finding their way and their healing.

We can experience life-giving healing in a safe, confidential container with a skilled professional who utilizes hypnotherapy, being sure to choose a professional with many years experience and multiple clients experiencing success.

The Moment Comes When The Light Shines Through

Then ​any thought of being an imposter, of doubt​ing our true value and worth, will be replaced with a confidence​ in humility, awe of the exquisiteness of life, and begin to experience peace, and ​radiate love.

Access The Full Power Of Your Mind.

Accessing the full power of your mind is like turning on the lights of a dark room, and finding that you hold unlimited possibilities. Much is revealed, you have clear direction and regain control, with valuable skills for a lifetime.