Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis are safe, widely accepted, long established, and outstandingly effective approaches.  Hypnosis helps you achieve the change you need by giving back the power and control over your mind and your lives, which is taken away by the spell of unconscious patterns.  All religions, faith beliefs, and spiritual paths are honored when in a hypnotherapy session.

The American Medical Association (AMA) approved the use of hypnosis as an appropriate therapeutic technique in 1958, and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) endorsed hypnosis seven years earlier, in 1951. In 2005, the Mayo Clinic composed an extensive article supporting the many valuable uses of Hypnosis in Complementary Medicine, including:

  • Acute and chronic pain,
  • Adjunct to conscious sedation,
  • Skin conditions,
  • Gastorentery,
  • Pre-Op and Emergency Departments,
  • Surgery and Obstetrics,
  • Swelling, blood loss and directed flow,
  • Anxiety and Blood Pressure, Shorter hospital duration and recovery
  • Regular sleep cycles,
  • Postoperative nausea and vomiting,
  • Need for Analgesics,
  • Hematology, reduced transfusion,
  • Chronic tension headaches,
  • Oncology, effects of chemotherapy, less pain in bone marrow transplants, increased duration of survival,
  • Chronic Tinnitus,
  • Pulmonary Medicine: Asthma in particular,
  • Rheumatology,
  • Refractory fibromyalgia.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and non-invasive method that gently allows brain waves to transition to a state that enables one to discern clarity, hear guidance, integrate emotions, release stress, and create sustainable change in ways that are not possible in other ways. Through this work, clients find they are more fully able to live purposefully rather than in stressful, subconscious reactions.

The reality is that we live in a form of waking hypnosis under several trances within our day when driving, from the effects of societal bias, social media, advertising, past programming, trauma, and more. I create a safe, comfortable, trusting space for clients to return to the place within themselves where the mental static of an estimated 60,000 thoughts per day no longer cause confusion and sabotage.

Neuroscience tells us that when we imagine with all of our senses ourselves doing something or being specific ways, the same neurochemicals go through our body as though we are actually doing it. Hypnotherapy is a highly refined mechanism for detailed visualizations utilized as a potent mechanism for new habits to be formed, physical and emotional healing to occur, behaviors to be changed for the long-term, emotions and trauma to be released, and our life to be transformed.  

The mind and body are inseparable. Thoughts produce feelings, and feelings are lodged in the body. Repetition of this process creates subconscious patterns.  Imagine how the estimated 60,000 thoughts per day impact all areas of our life when left unattended and unconscious.

More uses of Hypnotherapy are:

  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Habit Change
  • Medical Conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Infertility
  • Trauma
  • Performance
  • and much more

Understanding, respecting, and harnessing this mind-body connection helps individuals live with intention, purpose, good health, and empowerment to live the life that's good for you and good to you. The power of our mind, when mastered and directed intentionally, is the most valuable skill one can ever learn. Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis are safe methods to attain mastery of our mind and our lives, safely and most effectively.

Access The Full Power Of Your Mind.

Accessing the full power of your mind is like turning on the lights of a dark room, and finding that you hold unlimited possibilities. Much is revealed, you have clear direction and regain control, with valuable skills for a lifetime.